This quiz asks one question in each of four key business knowledge areas: marketing; planning; accounting; Human Resources. Simply click the arrow located on the left side of each question to expose the answer.

Can you name the most powerful marketing force?

“THIRD PARTY ENDORSEMENT”…read the blog thought that explains why 3rd Party Endorsement is so powerful.

Do you manage your business using a written real-time strategic plan?

Written plans force you to communicate with yourself, investors, employees and customers! Signup for a personalized free mentoring session.

Can you define the real goal of business? Are you sure the activities in your business are aligned around that goal?

Every business must focus on “MAKING MONEY” as the key goal because without it, no business is sustainable. View the free on-demand videos.

Do you have a Human Resource system philosophy? Is your idea of employee performance appraisal a “showdown” between the manager and employee?

You need a human resource philosophy that is centered around expectations, communication and your customer. Read the Human Resource System For Small Business.

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