John Trenary

Certified Business Mentor

John Trenary is a highly accomplished entrepreneur, business owner, strategist, advisor and certified mentor with over 40 years of experience in starting and growing successful businesses. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA, and was a licensed professional engineer in the state of Colorado. John has been granted several utility and design patents for his inventions, which have contributed to his impressive business success.

Over the course of his career, John has started several businesses and managed their growth, achieving outstanding results in consumer product startups. Two of his startups were sold to Fortune 500 companies after he built them from zero to over $100,000,000 in net sales with 20% pre-tax profit. He has also worked as a corporate Vice President and Division President for a Fortune 500 company, and served as an outside director on several company BODs. John has received peer recognition for his business startups and marketing strategy, including several American Marketing Association “Effie” awards.

In addition to his extensive business experience, John is an accomplished educator and mentor. John has taught university undergraduate classes in Mechanical Engineering and currently holds workshops on a variety of critical thinking business topics. These include marketing for business owners, product development, business concept refinement, strategic real-time planning, business accounting and analysis for owners, market planning, sales demand generation, Human Resource management, and organizational development.

Through his years of experience, John has observed that many business owners fail not because of a lack of talent or intelligence, but because they try to reinvent the wheel instead of relying on proven, tested business methods. John believes that all business owners need trusted advisors, including a CPA, corporate attorney, insurance agent, banker, and a mentor who can provide guidance and support. With his extensive experience and knowledge, John is committed to helping entrepreneurs and business owners achieve their full potential and succeed in their ventures.

Here is what the clients have to say:

“Very knowledgeable and straight forward individual. Very useful information & experience that is rare to find.” — TP, Agriculture, Farming

“The personal one-to-one coaching is so valuable. It is a genuine touch of connecting & learning. I feel heard & understood. John is excellent in delivering content, share experience and guides me respectfully.” — SG, Child Care

“I felt he was extremely knowledgeable and validated me as a small business owner. He helped clarify business topics, provided insight and handouts, and helped me hone my marketing message.” — DLR, Healthcare

“Great tips and guidance from my mentor.” — LJW, Arts Industry

“John has lots of initiative, tenacity and openness. Quick start…Lots of insights/encouragement/support right away.” — RMG, Retail & Events

“He gave me great info and things to think about right away.” — MC, Financing/Capital

“The amount of information and the quality of the information is amazing!  It is time well spent and much appreciated.” — MR, Personal Maintenance Services

“John’s mentoring style is very cut-to- the-chase and he knows how to deliver a wealth of information to you in a clear and intentional manner.” –MY, Retail & Wholesale Trade

“My mentor was helpful in guiding me toward what is most important to think about right now in my process. He was great. Ill be following up with him.” — NC, Web Design

“My mentor is/was very helpful. I’ve received great value. The handouts, willingness to meet and prompt answers makes it an incredible value for new business owners.” — HE, Digital Sales

“I appreciate the clear and concise guidance/direction.” — PH, Arts, Entertainment & Recreation

“Having a mentor like this is extremely helpful. He is a wealth of information and is super helpful.” — TC, Manufacturing

“John set out clear next steps and seemed excited to continue the conversation: John was thoughtful and clearly communicated next steps for us to take.” — DCB, Retail & Wholesale Trade

“My mentor has been incredibly generous with his time and has even put in research on his own time to help support my goals.” — ZD, Business Consulting

“John is knowledgeable and a great man to work with! Definitely appreciate his insight and all he is doing for me! — GK, Home or Personal Maintenance Services

“The mentor knows what he is talking about and really wants to help.” — JB, Manufacturing

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