The Financials – Managing Your Business Session 3 Science & Art

During this 11 minute video you’ll get some advice on evaluating company financials, how to use financial information most effectively & how to supplement it with other kinds of information. Data from financial statements needs to be used with caution. Everyone tends to put too much faith in numbers. The income statement & balance sheet may seem precise, but they aren’t…they have limitations. They reflect all sorts of assumptions, estimates, & procedural decisions, such as which depreciation method to use. Moreover, there is much about a business that isn’t in the numbers — even the truly precise ones on the cash flow statement can’t capture. So when you use the financial statements, you have to exercise good judgment about what they’re telling you & determine how they may be misleading you. Through this series of short, easy-to-follow videos, you’ll gain the knowledge and confidence you need to understand the basics of business financials, enabling you to make informed decisions and take control of your business’s future. So don’t wait, take your business to the next level today with our “The Financials” series!

The Financials – Managing Your Business Session 3

To start this voice & slide free video, just click on the direction arrow at the center of the slide. A media control panel will open whenever you position your pointer over the running video to adjust the screen size, slide advance or to pause the video.

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