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Human Resource Management System

To critically think about Human Resources in your business, you need a philosophy where COMMUNICATION IS KEYCOMMUNICATION IS A TWO WAY STREET (Applicant & Employer). For instance, the candidate’s interview answers are creating manager expectations of them. Here are some suggestions for interviewers to consider during the Selection process:

  • Lead the communication during the interview…reviewing the job requirements with the candidate;
  • Utilize a consistent interview process…all candidates should seen through same filter… this reduces hiring bias. I use the one-page interview form to help provide a consistent process. I also include this interview record in each hired employee’s Performance Appraisal review;
  • Plan interview questions that focus on how the candidate fits with the company culture. Be sure to have them self-evaluate soft and hard skills for the job opening. This leads to a good foundation for the new hire’s Training & Development plan as well as feedback during their Performance Appraisal;
  • Let the candidate know How you will make the decision. If a “rejection” decision is made be sure to provide a thoughtful/personalized rejection. Perhaps encourage the rejected candidate to apply in the future for another role (if you truly want that). In these cases, mention a couple of traits you very much admired about the candidate…think like the the TV show called the Voice. By following this type of process, you plant the seed of “BRAND AMBASSADORSHIP” into their social circles that might encourage other applicants & also remove the awkwardness of later conversations if your first choice turns you down.
  • Let the candidate know When to expect an answer. Decision speed is the strongest hiring weapon a company can wield. A recent study found that 50% of applicants will have more than one suitor, meaning companies lose good candidates when they hesitate to decide.

I have successfully used the following Selection interview form that I modified to be specific to the job for applicants. It covers both soft & hard skills. It can be adjusted to fit any open employee position:

One Page Generic Selection Interview Form

For more thoughts on human resource management, view the free video entitled Human Resource Management.

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