Build Your Brand Message

Every brand has a unique selling proposition — the one thing they do better than everyone else. Unfortunately, founders often make the mistake of trying to focus on the same unique selling proposition as their biggest competitor, or they try to market themselves as being “the best” in almost every facet of their business.

Naturally, founders should strive to identify the one thing they do best. To better differentiate yourself in your niche, it may also be helpful to identify your top competitors’ unique selling propositions. This will tell you what not to focus on so you can emphasize the things you do better than the rest.

Once you’ve identified your unique selling proposition, make it front and center in all messaging. Communicating your unique selling proposition in a quick and clear manner is key to conversion. Affordability, quality, and social status are just a few of the elements that can help a brand stand out.

Brand Message Worksheet: Describe your product/service, points of differentiation and ideal customer – then put them together to create your Brand Message.

For more help with branding, schedule a free personalized mentoring session or just click the direction arrow at the center of the slide to start the voice and slide presentation. A media control panel will open whenever you position your pointer over the slide to adjust the screen size, slide advance or to pause the video.

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