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The key to market messaging is to write in reverse. Writing in reverse is simple: You have to reverse the roles of the writer (you) with the recipient (your audience). Think in terms of the outcome wanted by the reader. For instance, never tell the reader how to feel. Instead use evocative, concrete words that might elicit emotion. For example:

Bad: “The industry-leading manufacturer MFG is excited to announce an innovative, state-of-the-art, easy-to-use widget.”

Better: “MFG’s newly released widget is smaller, lighter, and more reliable (according to independent testing) than any other widget available today.”

When I’ve provided advice and examples like this in the past, somebody inevitably asks: “but what if our widget is bigger, heavier and less reliable?” In other words: how do you market a product that in fact is mediocre? Simple: find something (anything) about the product that might elicit the customer to feel a positive emotion. Perhaps your product has backward compatibility that avoids a costly conversion. Or perhaps it has a familiar interface that reduces training costs.

Taking a moment to think and feel like the audience you are trying to reach will help you see and feel the way they might. If pointing out your demise doesn’t inspire you, there’s a good chance it’s not going to inspire anyone else. It’s been said — we are far more alike than different. Sure, our emotions, responses and circumstances are different. But you can pretty much be guaranteed that if you don’t like the way someone is marketing to you, there’s a good chance a large number of people aren’t going to like it when you market to them the same way.

Work outside of your business more than on it. Imagine you are the audience that you are trying to reach. Would you, as a consumer, like the way you are marketing your business? If not, change it. Take a look at your marketing strategies, your brand and marketing messaging and ask, “If I were my prospective customer, would this inspire me to choose my business? Or would it be a turnoff?”

Fill in the spaces below to the best of your ability. Then, incorporating those elements, write your full marketing message.

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