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An affiliate marketer promotes offers or products that relate to them and/or their interests. They often appear very organic, and most likely, you won’t notice that it is a promotion at all. Whether you are aware or not, you’ve seen affiliate links everywhere, from social media influencer’s subtle or not so subtle product promotions to publisher’s affiliate disclosure.

Start on a social media platform that fits best for your audience and your content. The easiest place to start is the social platform you already have, so you can tap into followers that are familiar with you first. Are you targeting an older demographic…use Facebook. Do you plan to promote to a younger demographic and want to focus on visually appealing or creative promotions…use Instagram or even TikTok or Pinterest.

On your preferred social media platform, start to expand your following beyond family and friends. Engage with other people that have similar interests to you. If relevant, follow hashtags or join groups to discover who these people are. Create content that adds value to your audience. You can get ideas by seeing what others in the space are doing. You want to be authentic, and people will naturally engage with you. The more authentic you are when you promote products, the better you’ll sell to your audience.

Unlike influencers, affiliates get to choose how they post to promote their unique affiliate links. For example, you could make a side-by-side comparison of ingredient labels between a big box brand and the smaller product you’re promoting. Promoting your product goes beyond social media, and as an affiliate, you have the power to decide what other channels to use. You can capture emails on your social media accounts and send out email lists. Or, with a little extra money, you can create native or display ads to target people outside of your social media and email circles but who have an interest in your niche.

Depending on the platform you use to manage, affiliate marketers can earn up to 100 percent commission every time someone purchases through your unique affiliate link. Knowing your target is as essential in marketing as it is in a game of darts. Affiliates can assist in bringing your items to audiences who fit your ideal customer by giving them direct links to products or services. However, if your goal is to bring about awareness to mass numbers of Millennials, you’ll want to think about the personalized nature of influencer marketing. Younger audiences tend to eschew affiliates and prefer buying on the recommendation of a trusted influencer.

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