Applying Technology To Sales

Understanding the role technology can play in recovery and growth this year, sales leadership needs to consider taking a more holistic digital first approach. As more people adopt a digital mindset and use technology for almost everything, sales teams have to engage with customers in a relevant digital way. Making this shift lets sales leaders and sales teams exemplify the customer-first mindset that is so crucial to success. Start by diversifying your slate of digital sales tools and channels. Ensure these channels and tools are able to mirror your traditional sales process and serve both your customers and your sellers. When making a digital transformation, prioritize your salespeople as well as their experiences. Find a balance between implementing this new technology and enabling your reps to do their jobs well. Training will be key—as is ensuring everyone fully embraces the digital transformation from the start.

For instance, when thinking of the sales content needed, the key is matching content to the change in needs of the sales prospect…as the sales prospect moves from problem awareness to solution awareness to solution comparison to choice, the sales prospect needs different information to move to the next sales step. So the needs of the sales prospect are what triggers the type of content needed in that portion of the sales funnel.

While the type of content used in each step of the sales funnel will be different, staying consistent in your tone and visual style will create a seamless experience for viewers. This will build trust in your brand and lead to the conversions you seek. Consistency is a key part in creating a recognizable identity with your brand videos. It’s the reason why you see big-name brands carry over the same iconography, music, logos and more in their TV commercials for years at a time.

Video can do so much more than build awareness. As part of your video strategy, consider how different videos can be used for different stages of the marketing funnel. While your initial goal will be to build awareness, video content can also help drive sales. In the awareness stage, video content should focus on the emotional pitch. While you should provide some information on your brand, making an emotional connection with viewers will entice them to want to learn more. As they begin to research, videos that address common questions and provide helpful information can further establish your brand as an authority. This includes tutorials and overviews of your products. Finally, at the bottom of the sales funnel, you can provide more in-depth demos or testimonials. These drive home your sales message and lead to conversions.

For more about applying technology to sales, view the free video entitled Marketing For Business Owners Session 2.

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